21 November 2023


Nov 20
Why These Impact Investing Veterans Don’t Care about ESG Ratings
BlueOrchard and Schroders Capital’s impact investing veteran, Maria Teresa Zappia, isn’t a fan of using ESG performance to evaluate her portfolios, suggesting that investors are limiting their options if they are not willing to consider companies with lesser ratings. Echoing the sentiment, PGGM’s Piet Klop said the pension manager also lost its faith in ESG marks long ago.
Source: top1000funds
Nov 20
IFC, T. Rowe Price to Create First Blue Bond Strategy to Support the Sustainable Blue Economy across Emerging Markets
The proposed T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Blue Economy Bond Strategy (T. Rowe Price Blue) is expected to mobilize international capital from eligible investors to support blue-labeled investments in emerging markets globally through blue bonds issued by financial institutions and real sector companies.
Source: IFC
Nov 20
The Rise of Embedded Finance in Africa: Three Fintech Innovators Highlight Its Potential to Boost Financial Inclusion and Business Growth on the Continent
The growth of digital payments and other fintech tools, and the regulatory progressiveness that has enabled it, are not only increasing financial access, they’re powering the business models of countless innovative companies across the country and the broader region.
Source: Next Billion
Nov 20
Nigeria Sovereign Fund to Invest $500 Million in Energy Transition Programme
Nigeria predominantly burns gas to produce electricity. It is seeking to increase the supply of renewable electricity from 13% of total generation in 2015 to 23% in 2025 and 36% by 2030.
Source: Daily Mail
Nov 19
Malaysia: CVC-Linked GP Ties Carried Interest to Impact Goal
Bintang Capital Partners, a Malaysia-based impact manager whose parent company is owned by a CVC Capital Partners fund, is linking the performance of its latest vehicle to carried interest. Bintang's second Southeast Asia fund is seeking between $100 million-$150 million, with a first close expected by mid-2024 and a final close by mid-2025.
Source: Private Equity International
Nov 17
Camco Seeks $1.6bn to Accelerate Electrification in Africa
Camco, a specialized impact fund manager focusing on sustainable energy and climate finance, is planning to raise $1.6 billion for electrification projects in Africa through its Renewable Energy Performance Platform 2 (REPP 2) debt fund.
Source: Ecofin Agency
Nov 17
Kinvest Venture Partners Launches New Impact Investment Fund to Change the Trajectory of Rural Africa
Kinvest Venture Partners, a Canadian social impact investing firm, has announced their partnership with Capstone Asset Management Inc. for the initial closing of the Capstone Kinvest Impact Fund 1. Kinvest is an innovative impact investment fund focused on Rwanda's agriculture sector.
Source: Newswire
Nov 17
Sub-Saharan Africa: Ecobank Group and African Guarantee Fund Seal $200M Risk-Sharing Deal
The new partnership now covers 27 countries within Ecobank's African network, offering 50% coverage for eligible SMEs across all of these target markets. The AGF guarantee was first issued in 2013; $50 million for seven countries. In 2018, the facility was extended to seven more countries and amounted to $230 million.
Source: Togo First
Nov 17
A $1.5 Trillion Loan Market Gets Stung by Anti-ESG Movement
The $1.5 trillion market for sustainability-linked loans, in which borrowing is tied to environmental, social or governance goals, has seen an overall slowdown in volumes this year as both interest rates and greenwashing fears rise. But nowhere has the decline been as precipitous as in the US, where the number of new sustainability-linked loans is down 80% from a year earlier, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
Source: Yahoo Finance
Nov 14
Africa GoGreen Fund Announces Interim Close of $150M AUM to Advance Climate Resilience in Africa
The Africa Go Green Fund (AGGF), managed by Cygnum Capital Asset Management, which invests in projects in Sub-Saharan Africa that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has announced its successful interim close helped by an investment from the Clean Technology Fund (“CTF”) of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), for which the African Development Bank is an implementing entity.
Source: Cygnum Capital

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