16 January 2024


Now Live: The Private Asset Impact Fund Report 2023
In the 4th edition of the PAIF Report, we collected data from almost 200 funds, providing valuable insights into their financial and impact indicators. This year's report underscores the resilience of this set of impact funds over the past two years, which were volatile for financial markets globally. Their 5.9% growth in total assets, as well as positive financial performance during this period, showcases their key role in driving sustainable and inclusive growth in developing economies. Read more
Jan 15
Job Growth Is More than Digital Job Growth: Why Both Online and Offline Enterprises Deserve Investor Support
In some ways, the world is smaller than ever, truly becoming a connected global village. But “more connected” doesn’t mean “completely connected,” and the real world remains full of the same “offline” challenges that have impacted our daily lives for millennia. Romanticizing the extent of tech’s reach and limiting our focus to the digital realm often sacrifices growth and development outside of the tech economy, leaving entrepreneurs who aren’t connected behind and excluding enterprises that can have a major impact on job creation in emerging markets and marginalized communities.
Source: Next Billion
Jan 15
S. Sirtaine, CEO, CGAP: How Fostering Competition in LAC Can Revolutionize Financial Inclusion
Governments in LAC recognize not only the importance of advancing digital financial inclusion, but also that fostering competition among financial service providers leads to improved choices, lower costs, and high-quality services for all consumers—including those living in poverty. Instead of incumbent banks fighting for a bigger piece of the pie, the size of the entire pie gets bigger as many financially excluded and underserved low-income consumers become viable business targets.
Source: CGAP
Jan 15
J. Shum, Citi Global Wealth: The Ripple Effect of Investing in Sustainable Oceans
The potential impact of investing in the blue economy is much broader than just contributing to life below water, and it is imperative to building a climate-resilient, prosperous and sustainable future.
Source: The Straits Times
Jan 15
Africa50 Infrastructure Acceleration Fund Secures Strong Support
Mobilising large-scale and long-term institutional capital from African and international investors, Africa50-IAF seeks to deliver long-term growth and attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in diversified and sustainable infrastructure sectors across Africa. The first close of the Fund, marks a significant step towards capitalising on Africa’s infrastructure opportunities, and fostering sustainable development across the continent.
Source: IT online
Jan 15
Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) Completes $294m Debt Raise
Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) company, the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF), has successfully raised $294 million of additional debt facilities, achieving over half of the Fund’s target to raise $500 million by 2025.
Source: TechEconomy.ng
Jan 12
Prometeo Raises $13M from PayPal, Samsung and More to Bring Open Banking to Latin America
Prometeo, a startup out of Uruguay building channels to enable open banking across Latin America, announced that it has picked up $13 million in funding to expand its business. Valuation is not being disclosed but the company says the round is at a “standard” dilution for Series A, meaning it’s now likely valued at just under $100 million.
Source: TechCrunch
Jan 12
IFC Invests in AIIM Fund to Support Infrastructure Development Across Africa
To boost essential infrastructure development in countries across Africa, IFC today announced a $30 million equity investment in the Africa Infrastructure Investment Fund 4 Partnership (AIIF4). The fund, managed by Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM), part of the Old Mutual Group, will support projects in the telecoms, renewable energy, and transport sectors across Africa but with a specific focus on Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, and South Africa.
Source: IFC
Jan 11
EIB Global Makes $30M Investment in Seedstars Africa VC Fund for Innovative Entrepreneurs
The fund expects to reach a first close early this year but has already completed four transactions, in Beacon Power Services, Poa! Internet, Shamba Pride and Bizao.
Source: Disrupt Africa
Jan 10
EMGA Secures a Commitment for USD 30.0 Million Senior Debt Finance for Citizens Development Business Finance Plc in Sri Lanka
Emerging Markets Global Advisory LLP (EMGA), based in London and New York helps financial institutions and corporates seeking new debt or equity capital. EMGA’s multi-national team combine the decades of experience necessary to complete transactions within most emerging countries, including Sri Lanka. EMGA continues to expand its geographic reach, solidifying its place as a preeminent, emerging market focused, niche investment bank.
Source: AP News
Jan 10
Sahel: ElectriFI Bets on Solar Kits for Access to Electricity
The Electrification Financing Initiative (EDFI ElectriFI) has announced the second disbursement of a €4 million loan to E-Long Life Energies Nouvelles (FinEu Ellen). The French company supplies large-scale solar home systems for household and business electrification in the Sahel.
Source: Afrik21

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