14 May 2024


May 14
Ocean 14 Capital Fund Providing Transformative Investment for Blue Economy Closes at €200M
Ocean 14 Capital Fund I, focusing exclusively on the multi-trillion-dollar ‘blue economy’, has announced it has closed on €201 million to support its mission of funding sustainable solutions to improve ocean health.
Source: Climate Action
May 14
India: Piramal Alternatives Invests Rs 600 CR in Annapurna Finance
While the deal specifics were not disclosed, sources close to the development said the company has picked up a 9.85% stake in Annapurna through secondary equity deals for Rs 300 crore. Additionally, Piramal Alternatives has subscribed to tier-2 convertible bonds of the microfinance company.
Source: Financial Express
May 14
Invesco Launches EM Climate Change Public/Private Bond Fund
The Invesco Climate Adaptation Action fund (ICAAF) will invest in placement bonds in developing countries with use of their proceeds tilted towards climate adaptation. Invesco is seeking to raise $500m for the fund, which has launched an initial public offering (IPO) that will run for nine months.
Source: Citywire Selector
May 13
Inclusion Requires Interoperability: Why All Digital Financial Services Should Be Interoperable
While some mobile money systems enable payments between different mobile networks, others remain restricted, only allowing users to transact with others who use the same network. For these services to take the next step in their evolution, we need to provide a bridge to connect different closed networks and allow them to transact with each other in ways that are safe, efficient and accessible to all.
Source: Next Billion
May 10
M&G Injects over €100M into Blended Finance Fund Supporting Economic Growth in Southeastern Europe
The commitment sees the London-based asset manager invest into the €1.3bn European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE), a blended finance vehicle with backing from the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. The fund provides financial access for underserved microfinance lenders and financial institutions in developing countries in Southeast and East Europe.
Source: Impact Investor
May 9
Egyptian Fintech MNZL Raises $3.5m Seed Funding to Scale Its ‘Secure’ Lending Service
The startup says the new funding will enable it to enhance its technology and scale its groundbreaking operations which leverages tangible assets for secure lending to empower more Egyptians.
Source: Coin Market Cap
May 8
IFC Is Providing $30 Million to M Bank to Increase Digital Lending for Women and Small Businesses in Mongolia
IFC will provide up to $30 million in financing to M bank, with twenty-five percent of the funding earmarked for SMEs owned by women. As part of the program, IFC has been working with M bank to expand its SME finance and supply chain finance products and services. IFC will also provide technical guidance to help M bank further develop and implement an environmental and social management system.
Source: IFC
May 8
R.L. Root, Freelance Reporter, Devex: Vanuatu - Women Are Fighting Climate Change in the South Pacific, but Need Money
To a backdrop of discrimination, women in Vanuatu are taking an active role in the country’s climate response while breaking down gender barriers. Yet lack of funding remains a significant hurdle to progress and localization.
Source: Devex
May 7
EU Mulls Lower Capital Charges for Blended Finance
The European Commission is considering whether to reduce capital charges for blended finance products to make it cheaper for investors to allocate money to emerging and developing markets.
Source: IPE
May 7
M. Brown, Head of research at the Environmental, Social and Governance Initiative at the Wharton School: Impact Investing Should Be Hard
Striving for value-adding impact means demanding additionality.
Source: Standard Social Innovation Review

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