21 May 2024


May 21
First East African Sustainability Bond Lists on the London Sock Exchange
The NMB Jamii Bond, Tanzanian NMB Bank’s inaugural sustainability bond, has cross-listed on the London Stock Exchange to drive institutional capital into the country’s climate finance and development projects.
Source: Impact Investor
May 21
Alta Partners with TRIREC to Unlock Opportunities in Impact Investing for Third Climate-Focused Fund
The TVII fund aims to invest in portfolio companies that will play a significant role in positively impacting climate change. With a global investment mandate and a focus on APAC, the fund looks to invest in 15 to 18 early-stage portfolio companies.
Source: Yahoo Finance
May 20
Eni’s (E) Kenyan Subsidiary Secures Funding for Green Transport
Eni SpA’s E Kenyan subsidiary received a substantial $210 million investment from the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) and the Italian Climate Fund. This significant move aims to bolster sustainable energy and agriculture in Kenya.
Source: TradingView
May 16
Credo Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Sign $10 Million Deal to Support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Georgia
The local currency denominated transaction aims to improve financial inclusion and increase competitiveness, including in economically less-developed regions of the country.
Source: Forbes Georgia
May 16
India: VC Funding for Women-Led Startups Declined in 2023: Report
Venture Capital (VC) funding for women fell to 9.3% in 2023 from 14.7% in 2021, with female founders in India receiving less than 10% of funding in the year, trailing Europe, and the US, further widening the gender-disparity gap, according to the 2023 annual report of WinPe– a not-for-profit organisation by private equity investors for gender diversity.
Source: The Economic Times
May 15
S. Dichter, CEO of 60 Decibels, and A. Bourke, Partner at RPCK Rastegar Panchal: Why Investment Funds Don’t Have Enough High-Quality Impact Data
Despite widespread acceptance in impact investing of the need for reliable impact data, funding for producing it lags behind.
Source: Standard Social Innovation Review
May 14
Accion’s New $152.5m Fund Will Back Financial Institutions Serving Small Businesses Globally
Accion, a global nonprofit, announced on Tuesday the launch of the Accion Digital Transformation Fund, a $152.5 million fund for large financial institutions, including microfinance serving small businesses currently excluded from the world’s financial system.
Source: TechCrunch
May 14
IFC Invests in New Sturgeon Capital Fund to Support Tech Startups Across Central Asia
Sturgeon Emerging Opportunities Fund II will focus on startups in areas such as fintech, business-to-business platforms, agritech, healthtech, and ed-tech. It aims to help emerging entrepreneurs scale their businesses, improve operational efficiency, and create long-term employment opportunities in the regions.
Source: IFC
May 14
D. Cassara: The Future of Digital Credit - A Recent Report Explores How to Make Its Second Decade More Impactful than Its First
The report, “Mobile Instant Credit: Impacts, Challenges, and Lessons for Consumer Protection,” draws on research that investigates digital credit and explores approaches that can better protect consumers and support their financial health.
Source: Next Billion

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