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Analytics was built for impact investing professionals who want to stay informed and track their performance.

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Measure your performance

Benchmark your fund against your peers and market indexes with our monthly tracking tools and over a decade of historical data on impact funds.


Analyze price performance trends of impact private debt or listed equity indexes.

Microfinance Private debt index U.S Dollar
Debt indexes
Analyze price performance trends of private debt microfinance funds (USD/EUR/CHF hedged, local currency unhedged, and more).
Microfinance Listed Equity Index U.S Dollar
Listed equity indexes
Analyze price performance trends of listed financial institutions with a base of the pyramid (BOP) focus.


Compare funds cross time, against each other and against aggregate benchmarks, through our online database and recurring data feeds.

Impact funds selection
Make your benchmark selection
Select funds, indexes, reference rates.
Performance Benchmark chart
Monitor performance
Review and track funds position over time.
Review impact fund Key data
Analyze Key indicators
Check key performance indicators.

Impact database

320+ fund managers
520+ private asset impact funds

Data track record

18-year index
15+-year survey


7500+ news articles
900+ documents

Search and compare

Search and compare 350+ managers, 650+ funds by multiple criteria (size, sector, geography, SDGs, etc.).

Every feature you need to investigate

Select and compare impact investment managers, impact funds.

Find investment managers, impact funds with an impact bias.
Fund manager details
Access detail
Check legal information, investment strategy or considerations.
Compare impact funds
Determine which is best for your needs.

Stay up to date

Stay informed on the most recent developments in the impact-investment universe with impact investing news updates, latest trends and statistics, research papers.

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