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Independent valuation services social impact bonds

We act as an independent, cost-effective valuation agent on a deal-by-deal basis or for entire portfolios. We specialize in illiquid impact bond valuations, offering a range of solutions for fixed-income fund managers, boards and valuation committees. fund valuation services

We plan to extend our expertise to private equity strategies over time.

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Consulting services

Let us assist you in designing the right strategy to fulfill your impact aspirations

  • Pipeline support

    Benefit from diversifying your deal flow with co-investment opportunities through third-party originators. Find intermediaries to help you buy and sell transactions.

  • Fund design and setup

    Benefit from our benchmarking and expertise to assess or support in the design of a given investment strategy.

  • Fund due diligence services

    Benefit from a full deep dive due diligence on a single investment fund which you target.

  • Fund of funds portfolio construction

    Benefit from our wide and deep knowledge of the ecosystem, helping you filter out the investment universe, to build your portfolio.

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