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Fund impact labelling

Protect your fund with a unique mark of credibility. We will provide an independent opinion on the quality of your sustainable financial management and impact strategy. Our label certifies that your fund abides by the labelling standards, along three key dimensions.

Sustainable finance
ESG integration

Sustainable finance

The fund has policies and procedures that integrate ESG norms, in line with market best practices.

Impact investing
SDG intentionality

Impact investing

The fund sets clear impact objectives, and a strategy aimed at addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Inclusive finance
BOP outreach

Inclusive finance

The fund targets the base of the pyramid (BOP), reaching underserved clients in emerging and frontier markets.

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Fund impact reporting

Fund Impact Reporting

Communicate transparently on your impact performance through our Annual Impact Reports for private asset impact funds.

Our impact team creates standardized reports to guarantee efficient communication. Each report is about 20 pages and takes 15–20 working days to prepare, once the team has received all required information.
The reports can also be customized with client-specific features and content. The standard report includes

  • Investment fund strategy and objectives
  • Investment output
  • Sustainable finance reporting (ESG protocols, ratings, exclusion lists, and more)
  • Impact investing reporting (mapping and contribution to SDGs, and more)
  • Inclusive finance reporting (market outreach, investee outreach, end-client outreach)
Finethic Impact Report 2019

Read the Finethic Impact Report 2019

Fund outcome measurement

Fund Outcome Measurement Report

Learn more about the impact of your investment on your end clients.

Fund managers who would like to further measure and report on the social or environmental impact of their investments can commission outcome-measurement studies, tailored to the specific objectives of the fund.

Outcome-measurement studies provide unique insights, relying on data collected directly from the fund’s end beneficiaries in emerging markets.

LFG Impact Report 2020

Have a look at a sample outcome report

Fund manager impact services

Fund Manager Impact Services

In addition to fund-level solutions, Tameo also provides services at the level of the fund management company, including:

  • Preparing corporate annual impact reports, using standardized norms and protocols
  • Serving as an independent verifier of the fund manager’s alignment with industry standards
    (e.g. Operating Principles for Impact Management)
  • Consulting on designing or enhancing impact management and measurement systems, in line with industry best practices

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